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  • A Cup of Cold Water Only

    Because of the course of recent events, namely the March article posted in the Berean Call, I believe an explanation is necessary to clear some of the misconceptions about the decisions that have been made by Search The Scriptures Ministry.

    My name is Michael Drurey and I am the author of Search The Scriptures, the administrator to the website and the one that makes most of the decisions for this ministry. My calling from the day I was saved was to point people back to the Bible. I know without a doubt that God has called me to teach His Word.

    I started Search The Scriptures ministry back in 1995. The first issue was a hard copy about the false teachings of Stewart Best. Search The Scripture went online around 1996 or 1997. I started to get more involved with the Internet and saw the potential there was to reach people by taking advantage of what the Internet could provide for my ministry. In April of 1999 I purchased searchthescriptures.com and I started investing time and money into the ministry that God had called me to. Never once did I sell anything or ask for any donations.

    I have received the Berean Call ever since I was saved, which has been about 15 years now. I have been blessed by Dave Huntís ministry and have found his teachings, for the most part, beneficial. I had waited for the Berean Call to go online for a long time and I recall how it seemed like it took forever. But when it did I remember downloading all the newsletters. Later on they started to deliver their Berean Call newsletter in PDF format, which I thought was neat.

    September 21, 2000 I was typing in the URL to the Berean Call when I accidentally typed thebereancall.com. I ended up getting what is know in the internet world as a "404" which says "the page you are looking for does not exist". I decided to do a little research and I discovered that there were certain names that were available that I thought could be put to good use. I purchased these names and set up redirects that would send people to Search The Scriptures. A link to the Berean Call already existed in our links page so I figured if someone was looking for the Berean Call they could get there from our links page. I prayed about the investment I was about to take on for the Lord, because at the time I was not in a position to spend a lot of money on Search The Scriptures but that very same day God gave me this verse:

    (Mat 10:42 KJV) And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

    I have received many encouraging responses from those that frequent Search the Scriptures and the fruit is overwhelmingly obvious that God is in what is happening through our website. I know the things that God has placed on my heart have been a cup of cold water to those that have been blessed by what God has given me. My intention has always been simply, to edify the Church.

    It was just within the last year, from a posting in my guestbook, that I learned that Dave Hunt ironically started a radio ministry named Search The Scriptures (daily). I myself was not concerned that they were using the same name I chose for my ministry as the name for their radio show.

    On February 7, 2001 we received an e-mail from Mark, the webmaster of the Berean Call informing us that they had received some calls from some who had confused our website with the Berean Call. We both agreed that a disclaimer should be placed on the front page of Search The Scriptures that stated that Search The Scriptures was not the Berean Call to end any confusion that there might have been. I never heard anything more until recently when this article was posted in the March edition of the Berean Call. In it Mr. McMahon from the Berean Call wrote:


    You Just Got Duped...

    ...if you typed in "thebereancall.COM" expecting to reach our
    website (which is "thebereancall.ORG").

    Where you landed instead was a website titled "Search the
    Scriptures," which has no relationship to either The Berean Call
    or our radio program, "Search the Scriptures Daily."  Furthermore,
    many of the doctrines the site presents are at odds with our

    It seems clear that this website, which ironically proclaims "The
    Integrity of Sound Doctrine," is trying through deception to
    capture people searching for The Berean Call.  Be warned and alert
    regarding any professing Christian organization which uses guile
    as a means to its own end.  Such leaven works its way through the
    whole ministry.

    For those that are unaware of the doctrinal differences of our ministries, we are at odds doctrinally with our views on "Unconditional Eternal Security" otherwise know as "Once Saved Always Saved" and Pre-Trib.

    After receiving mail from those that have been blessed through Search the Scriptures, especially from one sister in particular, I felt I owed them an explanation for the accusations that have been made. Search The Scriptures still proclaims "The Integrity of Sound Doctrine" and if you have noticed it is not the doctrine of Search The Scriptures that as been challenged. I truly believe that the teachings that have been posted by Search The Scriptures, for the entire world to see, cannot be refuted scripturally.

    As for the statement that our website is "trying through deception to capture people searching for the Berean Call", and using "guile as a means to its own end", I think it is obvious from this so called deception that our only intent has been for the edification of the Church. What is the end of what we have gained by using unused domain names to share what God has placed on our heart with those that have visited Search The Scriptures? I have gained nothing in this world apart from being blessed from those that have communicated to me how much they have been blessed by what we have provided to them, free of charge. We are called to be wise a serpents but gentle as doves and I truly believe that my decision to use the domain names, to share what God has placed on my heart, was a wise decision.

    Search The Scriptures averages about 50 to 70 hits a day. The Berean Call averages thousands. I cannot see how the crumbs that I have been given, that have fallen from the feast filled table that God has given to Dave Hunt, could have any harmful affect on the Berean Call ministry.

    Can you imagine for a minute Paul (the writer of most of the New Testament) getting upset because a brother used his name to teach the Bible? For some reason I cannot picture this. I know that our ministries are at odds concerning two doctrines but if you look at what is being taught by each ministry, it is obvious that both mean well and have a strong desire to build and edify the Church. I do not think Paul or Jesus would have a problem, with the choices I have made if they had their name being used the way Search The Scriptures has used the domain names in question to encourage believers with Godís Word.

    Michael A. Drurey

    Search The Scriptures

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